Official Tennesseeans

Published April 3, 2008 by Stacy

Is that how you spell it?? There is not a spell check function for the title bar. At least not one I, in my limited computer, non-geekiness can find. But that is not the point. Today Steve and I ventured down to the Tennessee Driver’s License office and turned in out Illinois licenses and became legal Tennessee drivers. We had to take care of some things with our car insurance and for some reason the insurance company was insistent that we had TN driver’s licenses. I can’t imagine why, I mean it is not like we haven’t lived here for almost a year or anything. (OK I know I am being really sarcastic and annoying so I’ll stop). But we are official now, complete with voters registration and organ donor cards and all.

Steve and I are headed to Gatlinburg tomorrow. Alone. No kids. Enough said. Since I am on this 100 day blogging quest I guess I am going to have to quickly figure out the whole mobile blogging thing.

Well I have to get the kids things packed so they can spend the weekend with a dear lady from church that has so generously offered to watch them so we can go away for the weekend. There is a purpose to the weekend. I am going to a missions conference, Steve is tagging along.

So maybe tomorrow’s post will have a picture of the mountains of Gatlinburg. You never know.


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