American Idol

Published April 2, 2008 by Stacy

We had friends over last night so I am just now as I type watching American Idol from last night. It was very nice to have our friends over. J needed help with her work for English class so she brought her two boys over. I took one look at the work and suddenly remembered I love literature and writing but I despise grammar. So I promptly handed the book over to Steve and told him he could help. Our kids had a great time showing J’s boys how to play the Wii. The adults even managed to squeeze a couple of games of bowling in before they all headed home.

So anyway I have just seen Brooke White sing and she is by far my favorite girl this season. I love her style of singing and she just has this humbleness about her that I love.  David Cook sang next. Let me just say he is becoming one of my favorites. I am not sure but for some reason I did not like him at first. He can sing and all but he was not one of my favorites from the beginning. I think the turning point was the week he did the We will rock you/We are the Champions combo. That was awesome. Next we have Ramiele. I really can’t figure out how she has made it this far. I really expected her to go home a few weeks ago. And again I was not wowed by her song. Simon was right that it was forgettable. Jason Castro’s hair really creeps me out. He has nice eyes but the hair…ummm I don’t know. Carly Smithson has a great voice. I think she will be in the top. I am still not convinced that she is not pregnant. I said to Steve that I thought she was pregnant before she said anything last week. She looks it in the face. Her face is so much fuller than it was at the beginning of the season. I love, love, love David Archuleta. He can sing and he is just so sweet and pure. Kristy Lee Cook did pretty good this week. Better than in weeks past. Syesha did one of my favorite songs and did it well I thought. She did not try to be Whitney. And she did it sitting down–and she hit the high note, not and easy thing to do.  Michael did well even though I have never heard the song.  Who will go home? Ramiele I think. But then I have thought that before and have been wrong.

So I have just started on some education classes this semester.  I was not sure what to expect with these classes. But I have one of the best professors I have had so far in my time as a student at Liberty University. I have gotten more feedback and responses from her than any other professor. It is nice to have that every now and again. I just turned a paper in last night and it has already been graded. I did very well on the paper. And the professor’s comments were that the paper was very well done and that I have nice writing skills. That was nice to hear.


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