MNO & New Additions

Published March 30, 2008 by Stacy

So last night was Mom’s Night Out at church. A group of us moms get together and go out to dinner on the last Friday of the the month. We choose a different place each month. Last night was Red Lobster. Not being a seafood fan, I had grilled chicken and a baked potato. But it is not really about the food. It is about the fellowship around the table with out being interrupted every 5 seconds with requests from a child for more juice or complaints that they don’t like what is for dinner. I really look forward to getting to go out with these ladies. We can sit and laugh and have a great time. Well last night two of the ladies were going to the movies after dinner. They extended the invitation to anyone else in the group that wished to join them. Steve said I should go as I don’t do get to go out to a movie with friends very often, so I said I would go. Well, we went to see Shutter. I won’t tell anything that happened in the movie but it was a scary movie and I am not a scary movie type. I made it through the movie. I did not have any nightmares but Bean did scare me almost to death this morning about 6 am. She came into my room to tell me she had a headache. Well she says she said my name but I didn’t hear her. All I know is just as she was reaching to touch my shoulder I opened my eyes and saw someone standing beside my bed about to touch me and I screamed. That freaked Bean out. But fortunately we did not freak each other out too badly and we did not wake up the rest of the family.

After we finally did get our day started today, we headed into the “city” to Walmart. We had to get cleats for all three kids since practices have actually started. The kids had also gotten some money for Easter from all of their grandparents so we let them pick out a new Wii game. They chose My Sims. It is a pretty cute game. Then we also let them chose a toy with the rest of the money that they had gotten. They each chose one thing at Walmart and decided that they would like to get a new Webkin as well. So off to Books-A-Million we went in search of Webkins. Driving through the parking lot to get to the bookstore we drove past Petco. It was doggie adoption day. The kids immediately began begging to go see the dogs. So we said we could go LOOK. With LOOK being the key word. So we did not come home with a dog if that is what you are thinking, because I know that is what is in your head. But we do have a new addition to the family. Meet Hannah, she is a dwarf hamster.



3 comments on “MNO & New Additions

  • Cleats are shoes that have short spikes on the bottom of them to give traction so you can run better. My girls are play softball and my son is play t-ball.

    I love MNO. I look forward to it each month.

  • Ah-ha! We call them spikes. Funny how the same thing can have such different names in different countries. My husband use to use them for soccer. Good luck with the 100 days in a row!

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