Kids say the darndest things

Published March 28, 2008 by Stacy

So Thursdays Steve is not home for dinner, ok well he comes home and eats a frozen meal or left overs at like 4:30 and then goes back to church for visitation. So the kids and I usually eat later on our own. Well tonight I was not in the food fixin’ mood so off to Sonic to drove. Buddy threw me for a loop and ordered not his usual corn dog and tots, but a burger with just ketchup. He is not usually a burger kid but here lately has been eating a burger just to keep me on my toes. So a burger and tots is what he got. (hey that rhymed) After he was done eating his burger he comes in my room and says, “Mom, you know I wanted the ketchup on top of my burger, not on the bottom.” My reply, “It tastes the same. Go eat your burger.” Which was beside the point since he had already eaten the whole thing. Kids are too funny.

I had to edit my post. No sooner had I hit the publish button my best friend called. She was calling to tell me that on her way home tonight she hit a possum. Now she lives way out in the boonies so wildlife is abundant. What is unusual is that she has lived out there for 4 years and has never hit anything while driving home at night. So anyway her 5 year old son says, ” What was it, Mom?” She told him she thought it was a possum that she hit. He then says, “Good then we can have possum soup!”


3 comments on “Kids say the darndest things

  • I don’t think my Possum would like the idea of possum soup! You’re so right – children do say the strangest & funniest things. We were at the zoo last weekend and Mousie declared very loudly “That’s a daddy tiger Mum.” Me (not thinking) said “How do you know?” Mousie replied “It’s got that thing hanging down.” much to the amusement of the gathered crowd, I should add. I’d like to know who gave my 4 year old that crucial information!

  • That is really really funny………My youngest always orders chicken fingers or popcorn shrimp, but will not eat any of the fried coating; won’t eat it grilled either…………huh

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