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Published March 24, 2008 by Stacy


I decided to forgo the frilly Easter dresses this year for the girls. I found these oh so cute Mary Kate & Ashley outfits that I knew the girls would love. And being that I know my girls so well, I was right they did love their new outfits.


Buddy then got a nice new yellow polo shirt because there was yellow in both of the girls shirts. I may be a little partial but I think that they look pretty nice. And the pants the girls were wearing came in handy as it was near freezing as we went to church yesterday.

Then we woke up to snow today. Yes you read that right, SNOW!!!

Photobucket Photobucket

These are a few pictures taken this morning right outside of our house. Steve took these pictures. I went to look for the camera this morning to take a couple of shots of the hill across the street and the camera was gone. I was so thankful that school was only on a one hour delay today instead of being canceled. My heart sunk a little when I woke up at 3 am and saw the snow because I just knew that they would cancel school. But school was in session. Softball practice on the other hand did not happen today. The snow was all gone by lunch time so I thought they might still have practice but when I went to get the kids it was snowing. Mind you it was 45 degrees outside so it was not sticking but it was coming down pretty hard. So no practice. Hopefully Buddy will have his first T-ball practice on Wednesday.

So we played the Wii for a bit tonight. Steve, Buddy and I bowled a game. I won that game but the little guy is not half bad at bowling, even if his technique leaves a lot to be desired. Then Steve, Bean, Buddy and I played a set of tennis. Buddy and I won the first two games but Steve and Bean were the ultimate victors. Of course Steve does have an almost Pro rating on tennis. We did a home run derby which Steve won too. Then for some reason I decided that I needed to see what my Wii age was again. I should have left well enough alone. I went from age 28 to age 62. And Buddy says to me, “Wow Mom! you are older than me!” No, Really? I didn’t realize that? So it was then I decided that it was time to turn the Wii off for the night.


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