Lazy Saturday

Published March 23, 2008 by Stacy

What a perfectly great way to end a pretty good spring break. We pretty much did not do anything today. I have gotten some school work done that needed to be done. Other than some reading I think all of my assignments as complete for this week. The girls and I did make some peanut butter chip cookies. They are baking in the over as I type. They look and smell yummy. I will let you know how they taste.

Yesterday we had the last service of Holy Week at First Christian Church. The services there this week were such a needed reminder to me of what the Easter season is about. I enjoyed the services that I attended each day but even more than that, I enjoyed the fellowship around the table at lunch afterwards. Each day we were treated to a delicious meal and had wonderful fellowship with other believers. Then last night we had friends over for dinner. I made empanadas, a Spanish dish I usually only get when I go visit my best friend in FL. But when my best friend and her family came to visit us last summer they brought some of the shells with them so I had shells in the freezer to share with friends here. We all enjoyed our dinner and then we moved to the living room to play the Wii. After watching the guys play Guitar Hero for a bit, we then moved on to bowling. I think Steve won. Then we played tennis. For those of you that own a Wii, have you ever actually played 4 player tennis? It is a hilarious undertaking. First Steve and B-man were on one team and I was paired with David. Steve’s team summarily beat us, but then Steve does have a ranking of like 842 (you have to have a Wii to know what that is). But then Sunny and I joined ranks and the girls came together and beat the guys. So all we can say is, “Girl Power!”

We really did have a lot of fun having friends over. But it made me realize other than the few times that family has been to visit, we have not had anyone over to our house since we moved here last year. That is really sad because Steve and I really are social people. So I purpose from here on to have friends over much more often. Somehow between softball practices we will have friends over for dinner or to play games or just to hang out every once in a while.

Speaking on softball, we now know when all of the practices are. Bean will practice on Sundays at 4 pm. Bug will practice on Monday at 5 pm and Buddy will practice on Wednesday at 3:30 pm. About Buddy’s practice, his coach called last night as we were sitting down to eat dinner. He said to me, “practice will be Wednesday at 3:30 or 4 or there abouts. And if it is cool enough to wear a jacket outside then don’t bother to show up for practice because I won’t be there.” Umm, OK. So Bean won’t practice tomorrow as it is Easter. But starting Monday all the practices are in full swing.

Well I have baskets to put together. I will post pictures of the kids with their baskets, wearing their Easter outfits tomorrow.

I pray you have a very blessed Easter Sunday! He is Risen!


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