Maundy Thursday

Published March 21, 2008 by Stacy

This morning about 10 am there was a knock at the door. I was greeted with a beautiful basket of flowers from Steve’s parents. Thanks Mom & Dad. They are very pretty. We all like them, even the cats, who as soon as I sat them on the table, tried to eat the flowers. So I had to put them out of the reach of the kitties.

Anyway the kids and I had McDonald’s for lunch today. My dog, Angel, has started this new thing. She thinks that when I leave the house to go somewhere that she should be able to ride with me. Last Sunday afternoon I had to run back up to the church for a baby shower. I ran out to get in the van and thought I was getting in, blocking Angel from being able to get in but she managed to jump in the van. So I had to pull her out so I could go to the shower. So today, I go to get in the van to pick up lunch and let Angel ride along with me to McDonald’s. When we pulled up to the window to pay the lady sees Angel and says, “Oh here I have something for you.” She proceeds to give the dog two little milkbone treats. Then we pull up the next window to get the food and the woman hands me the first Happy Meal and sees the dog and calls over two other ladies to look. They were just Ohhing and Ahhing over the dog. I had no idea that the dog would be such a celebrity at McDonald’s. Oh, life in a small town is so interesting.

I did not go to the midday service today. But we just returned from the Maundy (from a Latin word that means new commandment) Thursday services. I was glad to be able to go since we celebrated communion. It was a very nice, formal service. I must say at times like around Easter I do like having that sense of ritual to the service. It seems to give the service a more, something, I don’t know I can’t quite put what I am feeling into words.

I am singing a solo Easter Sunday morning. This will be the first time I sing a solo in the morning worship at this church. I know it will be just fine. It is not like I don’t know the song. Steve has used this musical at the last two churches we have been at and I have had this solo each time we have done the musical so I know it well. This is a very good musical that why Steve keeps using it. It tells the story of Jesus and His death on the cross in a very powerful way.

Well I am going to bake cookies with the kids tomorrow. That should be lots of fun. We have not done that together in a long time.

Have a blessed day!

ETA: I am so glad that Amanda went home last night on American Idol. I don’t have to try to understand what she is singing anymore. YEAH!


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