Why was there a Judas?

Published March 19, 2008 by Stacy

I have just returned from the third service of Holy Week. These services are a collaboration of the churches in our county. Each day a minister from a different church brings the message. Today the pastor from the Methodist church shared with us. He posed the question, “Why did there have to be a Judas?” Judas had to be a part of the story of Christ to show us that someone can walk the walk and talk the talk but never really have a true change of heart. Yes Judas was baptized and did all of the things a good “Christian” should do but he never had the true change of heart that happens when a person accepts Jesus as Savior and friend. When you accept Jesus as Savior your life will change and others will see a difference in you. It does not matter what kind of label is on the outside of the church you attend, what matters is what is in your heart. Are you really good at “Churchianity” or at being the hands and feet of Jesus to the lost of the world around you? Are you more focused on how much money you put in the offering plate, how many times a week you walk through the doors of the church than you are on helping a hurting person in need of a loving touch?

As we move through this Holy week, let us not forget today would have been the day that Judas betrayed Jesus for just 30 pieces of silver. I am so thankful that Jesus was willing to die on the cross for sinner like me. I pray that I can be a light to the world around me. I pray that I can show the love of Jesus to those that need it the most.

I hope that is your prayer as well.


2 comments on “Why was there a Judas?

  • Stacy, great summary of Craig’s message from today’s Holy Week service. I think you did much better than me at posting about it….lol

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