Sorry girls!!

Published March 19, 2008 by Stacy

I was thinking about this the other day and then I forgot about it. But yesterday was the one year anniversary of Bean and Bug getting baptized. It was such a special day as their daddy got to have the privilege of baptizing both of them (just one of the many perks of being an ordained minister).

Lots have things have changed in the year since they were baptized but one thing still remains the same, that is the love of Jesus.

OK so now that I have appropriately remembered a special day in the lives of my children, I have to ask a question, when is it that kids learn to question fairness? Buddy was just sitting next to me eating a cheese stick (good, healthy snack). Bean came in and asked is she could have one. She looked at Buddy, he had broken his cheese stick in half so it looked like he had two sticks. She says, “How come he has two?” AHHHHH!!! is all I wanted to say.

A little while ago the kids and I were playing the Wii. Bean got mad because she was not winning and she threw the remote down on the sofa and it hit her sister in the back, so Bug started crying and then Bean was crying because she knew she was wrong for throwing the remote. And then the front door opens and in walks Daddy. Welcome from work daddy!! Hope you had a great day!! (I know just what every parent wants to be welcomed by when they walk in from work) (Sorry honey, you handled it well!) I just wish that one of our lunch companions from today had been here right at that moment. Because at lunch she says to S and I, “are they always this well behaved?” She would have witnessed our kids being their true selves. I love my kids dearly and I am so thankful that they are mostly very well behaved when we are out in the real world.

Well the dinner bell is ringing so I must go.


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