Basketball in a small town

Published March 4, 2008 by Stacy

So we have lived in our now town for 8 months now. I did not make it to any football games this past fall, I think S went to the Homecoming game. Sadly our football team was not so great this year. But this is not about football, this is about BASKETBALL!!

The whole family went over to the high school tonight (such a long trip for us you know…the high school is right across the highway from our house) to cheer on the boys basketball team in their trek to the state finals. What a game we were treated to tonight. Our home team won the game and now will play next week in the next round of the playoffs (or whatever they are called). See I am not from a small town, God moved us here last year to teach us something (still working on that one). I don’t normally watch basketball so I don’t really understand the finer points of the game but I can cheer the team on. And cheer I did. My hands hurt from clapping and my voice is a little sore. But the cool thing was to see generations of families there to watch the game. We sat with one family that 3 generations were there to cheer on the home team. The grandfather of this family played when he was in high school. His name is on the 1,000 point board. How cool is that? 3 generations of a family together in one place. (Of course this same family goes to the same church we do so it is even better that 3 generations are worshiping the Lord together).

So if you want more technical information about what we saw tonight then I suggest you read S’s blog(My Life in the South–the link is over on the side). My techno-geek husband even has pictures of the game he took with his phone (I love you, honey). It was a fun, family night out. I am glad for the experience.

I can’t wait for softball and T-ball to start so I can cheer my own kids on as they are playing.

So far the week looks good for the kids to actually attend school everyday. Our schools have not been open for a whole week for the past 3 weeks. This has been due to weather and sickness. The older kids have TCAP tests coming up so I am sure the teachers are trying their best to squeeze as much in as possible.

We had a great choir practice last night. The music we are working on is so beautiful and inspired. As Easter is quickly approaching I am reminded through music of the faithfulness of my God and the sacrifice my Savior made for not only me but for any that will seek Him.

I am in the final week of Philosophy!!! I have finally made it through. It only took two tries. Don’t ask me what I have learned because I could not even begin to tell you. But the important thing is that I pass the class. I have one more test to take by the end of the week. WHOO HOO!!! I get a week off and then I start on some education classes. If I have not updated this on my blog, I have changed my major. I am now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Multi-disciplinary Studies. I have to focus my studies in two areas and Psychology is one of them so I am not losing any of my credits. The other area is education so I will actually get to take some education classes before I start working on my Master’s degree. So I get to start working on those classes now. I should graduate in Spring of 2009, only one semester later than I thought.

Well, I pray you have a blessed night.


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