Published February 24, 2008 by Stacy

I very strongly dislike that fact that I suffer from migraines. I missed church today because I could not lift my head off the pillow without being in extreme pain. I tried to go take a shower but I just could not stay on my feet long enough to do so. I let S know that I was out of commission. He came and got the kids so they wouldn’t miss church too. He said worship was good this morning. He got to lead the music from the piano today as all the regular piano players were out for various reasons. He loves to lead worship from the piano but does not get to do it very often. So when he does he enjoys every minute of it.

My head still hurts and I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I think this migraine was brought on by eating too much garlic. See when there is garlic being cooked I will usually get a headache. When I still lived at home with my dad and step-mom, my step-mom would make her tomato sauce (gravy as she calls it 😉 from scratch. I love to eat it but I could not be around when she was just starting to make it. The garlic frying in the olive oil always set off a headache. So anyway S and I are on this journey to eat healthy and have been changing the way we cook and the way we eat. We bought a Weight Watchers cookbook a few weeks ago. S made spaghetti and meat balls for dinner Friday night. It was very yummy, I enjoyed every bite. Then for lunch yesterday I had leftovers of the meatballs and sauce. By bed time last night I had a headache and like I said this morning I could barely move. So I think I not only have to not be around garlic when it is cooking but I also have to watch how much of it I eat in a short period of time.

The kids were out of school Thursday and Friday, again because of how many kids were out sick. I am praying that all the kids will get better and that school won’t be canceled again. At the rate they are going the kids won’t get spring break because of all the school that they have missed. I took them to see the Spiderwick Chronicles on Thursday so that we could get out of the house. S was home from work on Thursday trying to come down with what has been going around. The movie was good, a little scary in parts because of the goblins. But all 3 kids made it through the movie. I thought for sure that Buddy would fall asleep but even he watched the whole thing.

On the way home I stopped at Wal-mart. I bought some of that Zicamm stuff that is supposed to shorten the duration of a cold. S started using it Thursday night and was almost back to normal by Friday evening. So I think the next time I get a cold I will try it too.

Ok well I think I have hit my limit in sitting up for now. Oh and S moved his blog over to WordPress. I have changed to link so you should be taken to the correct blog. Have blessed week.


One comment on “Ugh

  • You aren’t kidding about IL being flat! But at least Chicago is close by! Sorry you struggle with migraines. I have one as I type – thankfully we have a laptop so I can do it from the comfort of my chair. At least until the battery dies! Hope your head if feeling better!

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