Published February 18, 2008 by Stacy

School is back in session tomorrow. I am so happy the kids are going back to school tomorrow. They are getting on each other’s nerves. Every little thing starts an argument between them.

I am looking forward to Bible study tomorrow. I have been struggling with some things and God has used the ladies in my core group to encourage me. No one even really know the exact thing I have been struggling with but the simple act of the ladies in my group lifting my name up to God and interceding on my behalf has brought me to tears more than once over the past few days. It has meant so much to know that there are people praying for me. I have learned a lot during this time of struggle. I have learned that God can do anything. He loves me and only wants for me to follow the path He has put before me.

It has become clear to me in recent months how self-centered that I can be. One thing the God has taught me is that it is not just about me. The world does not revolve around me and my wants and desires. In learning that lesson I have come realize that there are great number of ways to serve God. The are many different ways to point a lost person to the Lord. I think I have realized that programs and productions don’t bring people to a saving knowledge of Christ. Love does. Do you love the lost of this world enough? Are you willing to show the lost the love of Christ? I am not saying programs and productions are bad, they have their place and can reach some of the lost. But for me what it really comes down to is I am showing love enough to point the lost people around to my Savior?


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