School is out

Published February 13, 2008 by Stacy

Ok so I have never lived any place that they canceled school for 2 inches of snow or because of ice unless it was really bad. Now another first for us, the kids are out of school until next Tuesday. The school board decided to close all the schools in the county due to so many kids being sick. So I understand where they are coming from but I myself am sick. I have slept practically the entire day today. So now I will have the kids home with me while I am trying get better. Fortunately my kids are old enough to entertain themselves so that is not a big deal.

So needless to say the kids are excited about this unexpected break from school. The girls do have homework to do before next week. They will be having their Valentine’s Day parties on Tuesday when they return to school. The 4th grade was supposed to have a special treat on Thursday but now they will get to go on Tuesday. If I was not sick I might think about going to see some friends out of town or something like that to keep the kids occupied. I have a feeling the Wii will get a littel more play time than normal over the next few days.


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