I survived

Published January 27, 2008 by Stacy

I am home from attending Youth Project 2008. This was a youth choir conference held by our state association. While I did not get to spend as much time as I would have liked listening and singing since we had to take our own three kids with us, what I did get to see and hear was amazing. Next year Bean will be in the student choir so she will be able to participate but I will have to find someone to watch the other two for me. This weekend also confirmed for me one thing that I feel the Lord has been putting on my heart…I need to be working with middle schoolers. They are a group of kids that love to have fun and are still trying to find their way in the world. So I think when it comes time for me to start working on my Master’s Degree I think it will be for middle school or whatever it needs to be so I can work with 5th-8th graders.

Speaking of school I found out that the degree requirements for my degree have changed. They have made it easier. Statistics in Psychology is no longer required. So when I saw this I inquired with an adviser to see if I could change catalog years. I can change to the new requirements and that makes me happy beyond words. I was dreading Statistics more than a root canal. And now I don’t have to take it. YEAH!!!!! Now I just have to get through this Philosophy class that I am taking and I think I am home free. Graduation is in sight and it feels so good to finally be so close to accomplishing this goal. It may have taken me over ten years and having three kids of my own but I am almost done with a degree that I started working on so long ago.

One cool thing from the weekend, the guest director for the conference was a guy that leads the choir at West Orange High School back in the Orlando area where we are from. Well S was talking to him last night. The guy graduated from Jones High School (rival school to where S attended) the same year S did. The best part is the guy is friends with S choir director from high school. So S was able to talk to his old choir director last night for a few minutes by phone. So talk about living in a small world.

I am looking forward to a great day of worship tomorrow. I pray that you have a blessed day.


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