I am a woman…

Published January 25, 2008 by Stacy

I can change my mind. The Lord has shown me that my blog needs to be seen by whoever wishes to see it. It is one way that I can point the lost to Christ. I was reading on another blog about the sermon they heard on Sunday and what she said really resonated with me. The point of Christ dying on the cross for my sins was so that He could have a relationship with me, not so that I could have religion. Christianity is about relationships. I have purposed in my heart to really seek to create relationships with the people around me. I spent this past Wednesday evening with the middle school group at my church. I have really come to see middle schoolers in a new light. I have always known that I am called to be a teacher. But I have always said that I would never teach kids older than 4th grade. And in all of my years as a Sunday School teacher, VBS teacher or Children’s Church director I have stuck to that. Maybe it is the fact that I have a child that is approaching the middle school years but I am finding myself really wanting to spend time getting to know the kids that fall into the age group. I had a blast coaching an Upward squad of 4th-6th grade girls last fall. Being a cheerleading coach was probably the last thing I ever thought I would do. But I walked away from the experience truly blessed by those girls. I am looking forward to being able to coach again. I will be spending the rest of today and all of tomorrow with a few of our middle schoolers. We are going to a youth choir conference. I pray that the kids get something out of this experience.

Well I have a Philosophy test to take before I leave this afternoon. I am so close to being done with school that I can’t stand it. I pray that any that read this blog have a blessed weekend. If you attend the same church that I do, I can’t wait to worship the Lord with you on Sunday.


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