You know it is time for bed when…

Published December 19, 2007 by Stacy

you pick up the necklace you are working on by the wrong end and unstring the whole thing. I was getting ready to put the final bead on a necklace I was working on for a Christmas present last night. I laid the necklace down to search through to find the last bead that I needed. Then I went to grab the necklace and picked it up by the wrong end. Almost all of the beads proceeded to fall off the string and into my lap. I almost cried but decided instead to just go to bed. I will redo the necklace today while I am doing laundry.

So last night after dinner we made ornaments for Christmas. C brought home the cutest ornament last week. It had his hand print on it. I decided to use the idea and make ornaments as gifts for the grandparents. They turned out really cute and I know that the grandparents will love them. So today I have to get teacher gifts ready for the kids to take to school tomorrow. I still have to find out what the deal is for school on Friday. I think they only have half a day but I am a little confused on that issue. K is going to the movies today. The third grade teachers are taking them to see Mr.Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. The teachers said this is their Christmas present to the kids. Tomorrow are the Christmas parties for K & C’s classes and S says that their party is on Friday.

I still have presents to wrap but other than that I am ready for Christmas. To day is laundry to get ready for our trip. I am so excited that we can see our family this year.


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