The weekend

Published November 5, 2007 by Stacy

We had a busy weekend as usual. Friday night we ended up driving to Mt. Juliet to pick up our desktop computer from Best Buy. Mt. Juliet is about 85 miles away from us but that is where the closest Best Buy is. The computer is still under warranty so we had to take it there. They replaced the mother board, the cd drive and the power supply. I am thankful we bought the warranty.

When we were done with that we did a little shopping in the stores there that we do not have near us. We went to the Children’s Place. I think that is my favorite store for kids. The girls each bought an outfit for $10. They had 2 racks that were marked down to $4.99. I love finding deals like that. We also went to Target. The girls found Target exclusive Littlest Pet Shop toys. They were very happy about that. Buddy got some of the new Planet Heros toys. They all had lots of fun spending money that Nana had sent them.

Saturday found us getting the house ready for Bean’s birthday party. We had fun at the party. We made necklaces or bracelets. We had cake and ice cream and then we went to Steak & Shake for dinner. Bean and I played a couple of games on the Wii when we got home, then Bean got out her Aquadots that she got for her birthday.

We had a good morning at church. Being that it was the first Sunday of the month Steve had to be at church for Men’s breakfast at 7am. Then he had to go to the nursing home in the afternoon for the monthly service they do there. Buddy had a birthday party for the Education minister’s little boy. And then evening activities at church.

So as usual busy, busy. I am going to a cake decorating thing at church tonight. Then at Community Bible Study tomorrow we are having our fellowship day. So I need to make some food for that.

Oh I got a 96 on my 2nd Abnormal Psychology test. Also the first essay we had to write I got a 92 and some really nice comments from the professor. I think this term is going really well. And I am gettingever closer to graduating. That is awesome.


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