Ten Years ago…

Published November 1, 2007 by Stacy

I was holding my little baby girl, Bean. She turned ten on Tuesday. What a precious gift from God she has been to our lives. We have always called her a drama queen and she stills holds that title today. She is a really good big sister to both of her siblings. I love to hear her laugh, it is such a deep hearty laugh. She loves Hanna Montana, High School Musical and playing with her Littlest Pet Shop toys. Happy 10th birthday, Bean. I love you very much.

Now a word of explanation, I don’t use my kids names in my blog. I usually just use their initials. But it occurred to me that I could use their nicknames instead. So you can keep track, S = Bean, K= Bug, and C=Buddy. If you know my family then you will know who I am talking about.

We just finished our season of Upward Flag Football and Cheerleading at church. The kids all did a great job over the season. The girls enjoyed cheering but they both say that they want to play flag football next season. We are going to offer it for girls as well as boys and both of my girls, even Bug , who is usually more into girly things says she wants to play football. We have like 7 months until the next season so we shall see if they change their minds. Bean won a door prize at awards night. She was excited beyond description that she had won a little heart shaped jewelry box with a pair of pearl earrings in it.

All of the kids did well on their report cards. Bean made the A-B honor roll, the only B she made was in math. She had A’s in all of her other subjects. Bug made the A honor roll. For doing that she got to go to the Tennessee Tech football on Saturday for free. The school recognized all students from our area that had made the honor roll. We got to walk on the field and the kids got to high five the players as they came onto the field. Bug watched the game but I don’t think she really understood much of the game. I tried to explain as much as I could. It was a pretty exciting game as both teams scored a lot.

We then took the kids back to TTU last night for trunk or treat. They got lots of candy and we did not have to walk to kingdom come for them to get it. And we were home by 7.

I can’t wait for Christmas because we get to go to FL and be with our family for the first time in 3 Christmases. I love that we are now living close enough to go home. Even my grandma is excited that we will be there. She told me on the phone the other day that Christmas just isn’t the same without us there.

So what were you doing ten years ago??


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