Random things

Published October 5, 2007 by Stacy

I have not posted in a while because I could not remember my Google password and I don’t have a secondary email address listed on my account since we moved. With Google if you do not have a secondary email you have to wait 5 days before they will reset your password for you. I find this really annoying. Anyway I finally got back into my account today and I added a secondary address first thing. So what has been going on? I have been busy with school and the stomach bug has been through me and two of the kids. I do have two things to share.

First last night C’s room smelled really bad. I said to him we are going to clean up your room so we can figure out where this smell is coming from. Now his room was not really that messy but he has a tendency to shove stuff under his bed ever since we moved into this house so I thought who knows what is under the bed. So we start cleaning up. I go to throw some Legos into the bucket and I see that there is liquid in the bucket. I think it was water in that bucket. Off I go to the bathroom to rinse the blocks off. A bit later I get to his hotwheels bucket, it too has liquid in it. Now I am really getting mad. Steve takes the cars and cleans them in the bathtub. Well then I get to C’s bucket of Geotrax trains. You guessed it the same thing as the other two buckets only this time I am 99% sure that it is pee in the bucket. Yes PEE!!! I was really mad at my dear, sweet 5 year old. So I had a very stern talk with him about using the toilet not a bucket. He now knows that there will be serious consequences if he ever does that again. I mean I would love to know what was going through his little mind when he did that. So needless to say his room no longer stinks!

Then today Steve and I had an adventure on our way home from Wal-Mart. We witnessed a hit and run accident. I saw the accident as it occurred. The car that got hit was turning left onto the street we were on. A mini-van right behind it hit the back of the car as they were going through the intersection. As they went down the street the mini-van passed the car and sped away. Well we followed the van to see if we could get the plate. We finally found the van in the driveway of their house. We got the plate and went back to see if the lady that was hit was OK. We gave the info to the police and they went and found the person. I don’t know what happened to the lady but we did our civic duty.

So that is life around here for the past few days. As I have said before never a dull moment around here.


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