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Published September 12, 2007 by Stacy

Wednesday. The day I normally go to church for dinner and prayer meeting. However tonight I am home with a sick child. My buddy has been home today with a fever. That was his only symptom until Steve waled in with dinner. Right at that very moment buddy started throwing up. Oh joy! Even after nine years of being a parent I still don’t deal well with throw up. Give me blood, broken bones, almost anything else, PLEASE!!
So I am home instead of at church attending business meeting. Can’t say I am especially disappointed about that. Although business meetings at this church have been easy to sit through unlike at some of our other churches.

If you haven’t played a Wii yet I highly recommend you find someone that has one and play it. My brother gave us a Wii this past weekend and it so much fun. We have all had fun playing it, learning how to use the controllers, creating our Mii’s. You even get some exercise while playing the sports games that come with the system. I took the fitness test to find out my Wii age and it said I was 61. So I guess I will have to play more so I can get better at the games so I can get my Wii age closer to my real age.

So now I am off to work on school stuff. I am a little behind in the school department.


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